Struggling for a Semi

A lot’s happened since my last blog. Been busy.

Since our no-show at Blackburn due to family commitments, I struggled but then successfully got myself – but not Mark, sadly – a ticket for the Manchester United v West Ham game, and then, thanks to Mel & Liam who are fundraising for pancreatic cancer research, and who have mirrored our route since Clipstone, I also got a ticket for the replay courtesy of them.

With Man U having won that, we’re now officially following the Red Devils. I say officially, because that’s where our Quest as taken us. However, despite my best efforts to get a ticket for the semi-final, using Twitter as my method (the tickets for both Man U and Everton obviously never got to the general sale stage) it looks like we’ll be watching the game in the surrounds of the pub and not Wembley come 5.15 tomorrow, unless there’s a drastic change in my fortunes in the next few hours.

It’s a shame, but we kind of knew that when we got to this stage it would be very hard to get tickets. They are available, if you’re willing to pay a complete stranger something in the region of £150-£175, but I’m not. There are websites offering them for £90 too, but reading some reviews, a lot have been negative and have stated that the price you see is not what you pay, when they’ve added on their surcharges. So the £90 ticket – expensive enough already – will probably turn out to be in the region of £120 with add-ons.

So, with regret, it looks as though our FA Cup quest has come to an end for this season. Even sadder is the fact that the two guys collecting for cancer research are also struggling to get a ticket. They’ll be at the ground shaking their buckets as they have done at every single game of every round – an achievement that beats our effort by two games. So if you are going to Wembley tomorrow, and you see two guys in hats shaking buckets, go and give them some cash.