Decisions, Decisions

The Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup – the very first hurdle on the long road to Wembley – takes place on August 16. My first task is to decide where I start my quest.

Ideally, it ought to be a random selection; a team pulled out of a hat. But, as I’m based in Derbyshire, and the first few rounds are designed to maintain a loosely localised structure, I will pick a local team. If I choose out of a hat, there’s always the chance I’ll get FC St Austell, and no offence to them, but they’re a little too far away from home at this early stage. Who knows, I may end up there at some point along the way, and travel won’t be a barrier then, but why start somewhere miles away when plenty of local teams are in the draw.

A reasoned decision will be made soon.