About My Quest

I’m Phil Viles, a Nottingham Forest supporter and an avid fan of the FA Cup. To me, the FA Cup still holds that same romance as it always has, even if some commentators disagree. I loved the FA Cup as a child and now, as a 37-year-old, that affection hasn’t abated. So I’m on a mission. A Cup quest.

This quest isn’t a new idea. It’s been done before. By myself in fact, as a Northcliffe Digital employee, when I got as far as the quarter final stage when Fulham played Spurs. The food at Fulham is delicious by the way. Pies from Harrods. Ace.

There may well be countless other people embarking on a similar quest this year, too. But nevertheless my plan is this: to start the crusade at the very beginning – the Extra Preliminary Round. I’ll choose a tie, go along, sample the beers and food which that club has to offer, write about it and then do it all again in the next round with the team who were victorious. So if the team I choose wins, I stick with them. If the team I choose loses, I jump ship, and my allegiance switches to them. I’ll continue this process until (hopefully) the Final, or as far as I can get without incurring huge overdraft costs.

It’ll be a journey. It’ll be emotional. Stick with me throughout, and follow this blog and my Tweets at @FACupGuy. We’re on the road to Wembley.


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