Spooky Symmetry for Beleaguered Forest

Slightly off topic here and zilch to do with my FA Cup Quest, but I felt compelled to write about my club’s relegation battle and the startling similarities with past seasons.

You don’t have to be a Forest fan to find this interesting; it’s one of those weird occurances that often crop up in football.

You see, there’s an alarming symmetry between this season and season’s before where Nottingham Forest’s relegation worries are concerned. In 2005, QPR relegated us to League 1, giving the club the unwanted and unenviable tag of being the first English European Cup winners to play 3rd tier football.

Back in 1993, Forest, already confined to Division One after a 2-0 defeat to Sheffield United had ended their Premier League status the week before, travelled to Ipswich on the last game of the season. It was also Brian Clough’s last game in charge.

But that fact is actually insignificant. What is significant – and contains spooky parallels – is that, should Forest lose to Reading on Saturday and Blackburn win at Wolves, the past could return to haunt the club.

After the Reading game, Forest go to QPR. If they lose at Loftus Road and Blackburn beat Villa at Ewood Park, QPR will again be the team to relegate Forest to League 1. This will mean that the game against Ipswich will be meaningless, just as it was in 1993, as The Reds had already gone.

It’s speculative of course, but I sincerely hope history does not repeat itself.

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