A Cup for Cancer

On my first FA Cup Quest attempt, my good friend Mark joined me. Sadly, since that inaugural attempt in 2015, Mark’s battle with a brain tumour has weakened him, and he can no longer join me on the journey.

He’s recently been hospitalised due to fluid on the brain, had a few operations, and suffered from a series of infections which basically meant he was hospitalised for almost the entire World Cup and beyond.

Mark loves football, and is a loyal Derby County supporter, which makes our relationship interesting, as I support Derby’s bitter rivals Nottingham Forest!

Mark’s cancer is terminal, and he’s already on borrowed time; diagnosed in 2007 and told to expect to live for 7 years. Eleven years later and he’s still with us. But he’s had a real set back, and I believe now is a good time to actually try and raise a bit of cash for various cancer charities and a little something special for him personally.

That’s why I’ve set up a Go Fund Me account in the hope that I can do something for good causes. Take a look at the campaign via the link below.