Family Ties Deny Rovers v Hammers Tie

As our Quest team Blackburn Rovers prepare to take on Premier League West Ham in Sunday’s FA Cup 5th round, I’m busy making lists of the games we’ll play at my son’s 3rd birthday party and worrying if we have enough sausage rolls to go round.

My Quest partner Mark, meanwhile, is frantically ringing pubs to see if they show BT Sports, on which the match is to be shown live.

Yes, tis a shame, but we are having to skip this round as the scheduling of the game has clashed with my son’s shindig, and Mark can’t drive and can ill afford nor bare the train ride to Blackburn on a Sunday.

So regrettably, we have to sacrifice a round and hope Rovers can do a job and continue their quest for when we resume ours. Good luck Rovers. We’ll miss you.

Meanwhile, here are some shots of our visit to Oxford United in the last round, in which Blackburn were 3-0 winners.


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